Early Start Denver Model Training

Modèle “Early Start Denver” ESDM

The objective of ESDM is to enhance the developmental progress of children with ASD across all domains while reducing the impact of autism symptoms that impede learning from day-to-day experiences and interactions. This module provides tools to improve social-emotional, cognitive, and language skills, which are commonly affected in children with ASD. This course is designed for caregivers, educators, and social workers to introduce them to ESDM, a developmental, behavioral, and relationship-based intervention program for infants and toddlers with ASD. Participants will acquire hands-on knowledge and techniques to create personalized teaching objectives for children aged one to two years with varying skill levels, enabling them to help children with ASD improve their development and education and a 5 to 6 steps certification.

The ESDM module offers a complete understanding of the model through:

  • an Introductory Workshop;
  • a seven-day Advanced Workshop + Deepening of knowledge;
  • a five to six steps Certification.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to conduct developmental assessments to evaluate the skill levels of children. They will also be equipped to create individualized, developmentally appropriate teaching objectives and implement ESDM teaching practices while adhering to the fidelity system to assess the effectiveness of the techniques used.

In addition, participants will learn how to manage data and address poor or limited child progress. Through this course, participants will gain skills in developmental assessmentteaching objective developmentESDM teaching practices, and assessing child progress.


This training is mainly done in English with some possibility in French.
The exception is the Introductory Workshop which must be done in French. However, for those who do not speak French, they will have English subtitles.