Therapist Certification in ESDM ITP


This training can be done in either english or french.

After completing the Advanced Workshop, professionals may proceed to certification by fulfilling the Action Plan under a Certified Trainer’s supervision. We aim to ensure that all trainees meet the rigorous standards of the therapist certification program, so we have established specific stages leading to certification. These stages are designed to provide the necessary guidance and resources for success in the program for both trainers and trainees.

The certification is a one trainer to one trainee process of 5 to 6 steps including submission of paper work and validation of clinical videos. 


  • Must have met the requirements for participating in Advanced Workshop
  • You have followed the Introductory Workshop and the Advanced Workshop

Certification Levels

Upon completion, this certificate authorizes you to become a “Certified Therapist” qualified to provide ESDM therapies.


Trainee must complete program within 14 months from start date (may be extended subject to trainer’s judgement).