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6 octobre 2023 / 13h00 - 1 juin 2024 / 16h30

Advanced Workshop + Deepening of knowledge in ESDM

Upon completing the Introductory Workshop, professionals will learn to provide ongoing therapy using ESDM. They will be grouped into teams of 3-5 and receive hands-on practice with children with ASD and supervision in implementing an ESDM intervention program. Coaching and feedback will guide them in generating and embedding developmentally appropriate teaching curricula in naturalistic routines for young children with ASD. Topics include using the curriculum to evaluate a child’s skill level, building quarterly objectives and data systems, teaching developmental objectives in naturalistic play routines, and self-evaluating intervention strategies.

In addition, 4 days of deepening of knowledge to have a complet vision of the ESDM method.


This Certificate is valid for 2 years (must begin trainee certification within 2 years)

Psychologue responsable : Astrid Costes
Psychologue responsable : Morgane Etienne
Psychologue responsable : Charlotte Bouamri
Psychologue responsable : Céline Robertson
Psychologue responsable : Martina Franchini


Morgane Etienne

Morgane Etienne

Psychologue responsable
Charlotte Bouamri

Charlotte Bouamri

Psychologue responsable
Martina Franchini

Martina Franchini

Psychologue responsable


Début :
6 octobre 2023 / 13h00
Fin :
1 juin / 16h30
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