In this module you will learn the theoretical background of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis that underlies the clinical interventions of ESDM and EIBI.

Next to the theoretical foundational skills of the applied science you will learn theoretical and practical aspects of an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) program for preschool aged children with ASD. You are taught the implementation of natural environment and discrete trial teaching techniques, the use of assessments, writing teaching objectives, dealing with problem behaviors and implementing tools like token economy or teaching applied skills like toilet training.

The module is comprised of teaching time (live and on-demand), guided reading and individual and group exercises. Short multiple-choice tests will be administered throughout each session to function as revision for the on-demand material. Although not scored the tests should function as a guide for the student to determine whether additional reading or other corrective action needs to be taken. Each student is assessed on completion of the module as either having passed or failed based on their attendance, participation and evidence of completion of additional reading. A multiple-choice test is administered at the end of the module.

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ABA Certification Module

Since it is no longer possible to become certified in Behavior Analysis (BA) by the Certification Board of Behavior Analysis (BACB) for people that work outside of the US/Canada currently it is not possible to get an international certification. We are working on a Swiss and a European Certification which our program will adhere to, as soon as it is in place.
In the meantime, you will be able to receive a certification by the Psychiatric University Hospital. If you want to receive this certification in addition to passing the ABA module you will have to complete two applied-projects that are directly related to your clinical work.

This certificate remains optional and will be done during the third year of the training.